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  • Why You Must Update Your Website at Least Once a Month
    Published 08 Feb 2017

    One of the important services we provide here at Gossipnet is uniquely written content.

    We write this independently or in close conjunction with our client’s and then place it on their website for them.

    But What Are the Benefits or Regular Content Updates?

  • GossipNet have been helping our legal customers to go mobile
    Published 05 Feb 2017

    GossipNet have been helping their legal customers to go mobile.

    We have been conducting dedicated mobile search engine marketing campaigns for our mobile websites. We have seen a fantastic return on investment through moible marketing. If your site is not mobile compliant and you would like a mobile website designed and developed at fantastic price.

    Contact us today for a consultation.



  • My website was SEO optimised a year ago - is it still optimised?
    Published 24 Jul 2012

    If your website was optimised for SEO (organic search) results 12 months ago and you have not had a search engine optimiser regularly review the site since it was first optimised then the answer is no, your site is no longer optimised and should be reviewed.

  • Are you ready to manage multiple websites?
    Published 29 Feb 2012

    Two questions for you right now:

    1. Does your business have the resources to manage more than one website?
    2. Do you realise that to market your business effectively online, that right now you should be managing 3 to 4 websites?

    Did these first two questions worry you? They should. Because online marketing has become far more complex and time consuming and as a business you need to find a way to make all this work for you as your audience is already online.

  • SEO in 2012 - What's Changed and What's the Same
    Published 26 Jan 2012

    Search engine optimisation has undergone many changes over the years, but it's no less important within your online marketing mix.

    This year we still see that our clients that are focused on this online marketing channel with the right level of investment and follow our advice still receive the best ROI from SEO above all other channels.

    The importance of SEO is reflected by online marketing conference attendance around the world that sees SEO sessions within those conferences more highly attended than any other channel, including social media.

  • Is your online marketing mobile optimised?
    Published 12 Jan 2012

    What we see with many SMBs is that they are still not optimised for mobile search and mobile visits. So let's have a look at what you should look to have set up during 2012 so your business can make the most of mobile traffic.

    The first thing to look at is creating a mobile version of your website. People using a mobile phone are viewing your website using a smaller screen size and maybe with less time as they might be on the move.

  • Creating Good Landing Pages for Your Google Ads
    Published 17 Nov 2011

    A landing page is the first page on your website you direct a user to from a form of online advertising such as your Google Adwords paid ads. Its where they 'land" and begin the experience on your website, hopefully eventually leading to some form of conversion to sales lead or outright sale.

    There are a number of things to consider when creating a good website landing page.

  • GossipNet website CMS version 3.0 launched as beta
    Published 07 Nov 2011

    The launch of our new GossipNet website last week  coincided with the launch of the third generation of our very own website CMS system.

    The third generation of our highly successful, fully customisable CMS is now out in Beta and our very own GossipNet website was the first website built utilising this new technology.

  • Like it yourself as Facebook ceases RSS support
    Published 04 Nov 2011

    A little known policy change by Facebook as of 31 October sees businesses unable to auto feed their Facebook pages via RSS feeds.

    Up until now it has been a common set up for businesses with regular content updates on their websites for information such as news, blogs posts, newsletters and articles to auto feed each update into their Facebook and Twitter page by using an RSS feed.

  • Google Webmaster is now the ultimate duplicate content reporting tool
    Published 03 Nov 2011

    Google has been adding new features to the webmaster tools almost every single month this year with the latest being a very cool tool that reports on whether your website contains any duplicate content and if that duplication is good or bad.

    This month they have released alert messages within your webmaster account that will identify if your content is duplicated within your own site or across other domains you or somebody else own.

  • Why is content so important for SEO?
    Published 24 Oct 2011

    There has for many years now been a saying within online marketing circles that "content is king".

    Well more so then ever this is true, especially since the advent of the Google Panda algorithm updates during 2011.

    If you don't know already, Google Panda is an update to the algorithm which is sort of like an extra rinse over the standard results that Google on average has released every month this year. Google have also been adding to and adjusting this special Panda rinse to try and get the right effect on their database and there results.

  • An Important Change to Analytics SEO referring Keywords
    Published 19 Oct 2011

    A change is being made to the Google search interface that will soon start effecting what you can see in your Google Analytics and other analytics programs as far as referring keyword data from when people perform searches in Google and then arrive on your website.

    Google is changing their search results so they run through and appear on a secure page (https) rather than an un secured (http) page.

  • What's All This Fuss About Google+
    Published 12 Oct 2011

    You have probably heard a fair bit of noise lately about the latest Facebook competitor named "Google+" from none other than Google.

    But what does this new Facebook competitor mean for business owners and should they be getting involved?