My website was SEO optimised a year ago - is it still optimised?

Published 24 Jul 2012

Author: Search Engine Marketing Team

If your website was optimised for SEO (organic search) results 12 months ago and you have not had a search engine optimiser regularly review the site since it was first optimised then the answer is no, your site is no longer optimised and should be reviewed.

This doesn’t mean all the good work from 12 months ago is wasted. Some things might need adjusting but other things will probably still be ok.  It really depends on what strategy you had set in place and how forward thinking it was.

Remember with SEO, things keep changing. In the last 12 months Google has released a major Panda and Penguin update nearly every month, made hundreds of other algorithm adjustments and your competitors have been active as well.

We recommend that web site owners have their SEO reviewed on a monthly basis. This usually involves the following:

  • Review Google webmaster tools for any concerns or alerts
  • Review your analytics data and rankings and check the positive and negative trends that might be occurring
  • Optimise new content pages against target keywords
  • Look for new keyword vs. content opportunities
  • Review your site against major Google Panda and Penguin changes
  • And build links on the internet and Buzz within social media networks.

If you have not been actively managing the SEO for your website, contact GossipNet now for a quote on an SEO Review and on-going management.

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